About Us


The Idea

The Beginning

Kostas, after 20 years of working as a technician at concerts and festivals in Greece and the Netherlands, decided to change his life path. Driven by a lifelong passion for outdoor activities, he embarked on a new journey to combine work with his love for the mountains.



Formal Training and Certification

To turn his passion into a profession, Kostas completed courses in “Hiking and Survival Instructor” and “Hiking and Backpacking Guide” at Voshaar Outdoor & Education (Wilderness Guides Association). He starts working as a hike guide or bike leader. Today he is a licensed guide by Hateoa (Hellenic Association Of Tourism Enterprises In Outdoor Activities)



Establishment of Monopati Hike n’ Bike

Monopati Hike n’ Bike is founded. The company was created to bring a slow-paced, immersive experience to outdoor activities, blending hiking and biking with local culture, gastronomy, and history.



Growth and Community Engagement

Monopati Hike n' Bike has expanded its presence by becoming a member of social media platforms and participating in outdoor fairs across Europe.

  • Sustainability

    We promote eco-friendly practices in all our tours, from picking up litter to using refillable water containers.

  • Community Support

    We collaborate with local businesses and inspiring individuals, ensuring that our tours benefit the local economy and culture.

  • Authenticity

    Our tours offer genuine experiences, including traditional culinary delights and cultural immersion.

Our core values

Who we are

At Monopati Hike n’ Bike, we are driven by a commitment to sustainability, connection, and authenticity. Our core values reflect our dedication to preserving the environment, supporting local communities, and providing enriching experiences for our guests.


A truly wonderful experience

Choosing Monopati Hike n’ Bike for your travel adventure means embarking on a journey that is both enriching and sustainable. Our tours are carefully crafted to offer motivating routes and beautiful scenery, allowing you to experience the best of Greece’s natural beauty and charming villages with routes designed to challenge and inspire. You can engage with local artisans and participate in unique workshops that offer a deeper understanding of the local culture and traditions. Enjoy the flavors of Greece with meals that highlight traditional recipes and fresh, local ingredients.

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